Orange Protector Battery Power Phone Case


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Stay charged wherever you go with the Protector Battery Power Phone Case! For a quick boost of power in an emergency or when you're just too lazy to grab your charging cable - this functional battery case has got you covered in all situations!

Featuring a super tough 2-piece outer shell with a raised front lip for the ultimate full border protection, keeping your device safe from any bumps and drops. Providing a powerful charge of 2-2.5x more battery life to your phone depending on your device:

5000 maH battery capacity for iPhone 6/6S Plus / 7 Plus / 8 Plus
4000 maH battery capacity for iPhone 6/6S / 7 / 8

To Use:

  1. Click the power button on the bottom corner to turn the case on to immediately start charging your phone. 
  2. The number of lit lights indicates how much power is available in your charging case.
  3. Don't forget to recharge your Battery Case by inserting your lightning cable into the port at the bottom of the case for next time


Add extra protection for your battery case with one of our Glass Shields!


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